Projects Java, Python, Arduino, Web


As a paid researcher, I developed image processing algorithms to detect diabetes from retinal scans. Videos of the corneal nerve subplexus were first stitched, and then quantified. Stats such as nerve length and tortuosity were computed, which differ among patients with disorders such as diabetes


Dexto reads raw EMG data from a Myo Armband and calculates finger positions of a hand using Baysian classifier. Dexto's API allows others to read the finger positions which we computed to control prosthetics.

1st place: Gesture Control

Arduino Room

Arduinoroom is an internet of things learning tool which makes Arduino-web integration much easier. I developed a javascript library which sends values to the Arduino Ethernet shield, and Arduino code to process said values. Students whom I taught at TechLab Education can now easily read Arduino sensors, and control Arduino outputs


Created Software, CAD prototype, and business plan for a beach cleaning robot that locates and picks up trash using computer vision

Conrad Foundation Spirit of Innovation Challenge:
- International Finalist
- Power Pitch Winner

Merged Faces

A short script in Python to find out what the average Exonian looks like, and compare the facial differences between gender and day students and borders. After scraping the school's online directory for its images, faces were scaled so that features overlapped and then averaged.

Statgene Website

Contracted as a freelance developer to make the website for the UPenn Lab of Statistical Genetics and Genomics

3D Maze Game

In this 3D Java game, the player races the clock to escape a randomly generated maze populated with power-ups

Arduino Clock

This laser cut, Arduino powered clock provides has an aesthetically pleasing laser cut frame. Using the control panel, the hours (outer LEDS), minutes (two 7-segment displays), and seconds (central wheel) and be adjusted

Sustain Website

The website for Sustain, Exeter's environemntal magazine, includes pages for authors, articles, sections, searches, and more. There is also a google drive integrated content management system


Agora is a start-up which is applying for a grant in MIT's 100k competition. As CTO, I designed a website. Agora is a peer to peer app that enables tangible connections and in-person meetups between people in varying circles.

Othello with AI

This computer program allows you to play the classic board game Othello against the computer's Artificial Intelligence. The AI makes a tree of potential future gamestates and evaluates what the best move is using Minimax algorithm.

Internet Monitored Sprinkler

This IOT sprinkler system incorporates a moisture sensor, and valve control over the whole yard, with can be controlled on a Website. Never again will water be wasted after a rainstorm, when we are not there to turn off the sprinkler.

Arduino Crew Sensor

This Crew rowing sensor allows rowers to mantain their form even when they are tired. Acclerometer and gyroscope data is processed into meaningful feedback: 8 LED'S to indicate the boats tipping, and jolting. An SD records stats for later viewing in the UI.

MIDI Instrument

I am the head of Democracy of Sound (DOS), a club which strives to bring people together through technology and Music. My Interactive arduino midi keypad was showcased at in(fest)us, one of DOS's festivals.

Latin Translator

Paste in latin which you want to translate. This program then seperates the latin into lines to translate. If you click on a latin word, it will be looked up using the wiktionary API. Once you have finished, it generate a nice prinatble html translation

Exonian Newsletter

It is often hard to remember when a new issue of The Exonian, Phillips Exeter's online newspaper, comes out. This project allows users to subscribe to an email newsletter, with highlights and links to the latest issue

  • HTML newsletter
  • A Java program to generate said HTML
  • A Website to subscribe

History in Context

Did you know that the Aztec empire existed at the same time as Oxford. This website, built at MIT's Blueprint Hackathon allows users to enter any person or event in history. The website scrapes Wikipedia and assembles a timeline, so the user can see how the dates of different events compare.

Exeter Assembly Timeline

During Exeter's Democracy of Sound assembly presentation, this slideshow played on the projector, showing every notable event in Exeter's history. The program parsed an online timeline on Exeter's website, and added the events to a Java Program which made a slideshow.